My friend Chicken Nugget (what? You don’t have friends named Chicken Nugget?) quotes Marilyn Monroe as saying “It is better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring”. Words to live by if you ask me.

Who am I? 
 To my family and friends, I’m a mom, a social worker, confidante, smart alec (with or without the “K” if you please), tv watching, junk food munching, animal advocate who is currently trying to switch my activity rate from couch potato to sloth (they are the most squishable of the lazy animals after all). 

What am I passionate about?
My love, My family, My faith.  Social Justice, Dignity (as long as it’s not my own. That flies out the window after a room full of doctors are looking at your “stuff” as you give birth to a watermelon – lovingly known in our family as “The Munchkin of the bunch”). Writing, dreaming, planning, creating and living are all joys that I plan to never take for granted. I believe in free Health Care for EVERYONE, that once and a while having dessert for breakfast is a MUST, and that my husband is the Romeo to my Juliet.

What am I scared of?
I’ve been a single mom for 6 years, been beaten black and blue by a loved one,  faced down drug dealers, stood between a woman and her abusive partner, had a desk thrown at me when I was 7 months pregnant, opened a door to be greeted by a knife wielding stranger, stood up to human traffickers, broken up physical fights between countless clients and managed to talk calmly as the barrel of a gun was pushed against my temple, but last week broke out into a cold sweat at the thought of ironing my husbands uniform shirt.

I’m a daughter of THE King and sometimes… I might act like a bit of a princess.


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