16, and the high flyer of the bunch. Although he may not have my genes, he may be the most like me out of all our kids.  He makes me proud, makes me laugh, makes me cry, and terrified for what lays ahead as he grown into the man he’s becoming. All in one breath.

11 going on 30. He’s our Mr.  Independent, formally the baby of the family, and may not have been ready to resign that position. Strong headed, strong-willed, he is going to grow up to be one heck of a man.

8, and our joker of the bunch.  Loving life and making people laugh are his claims to fame, and he sure lives up them. After spending 6 years as an only child, he’s adjusted to brothers incredibly well, and is loving the attention he gets from being the “new kid”. He has a heart for the disadvantages and has to be talked out of giving his electronics to random homeless people. Last night he cried himself to sleep wondering where a former client was going to sleep. He’s my social worker in the making.


My love, my best friend, my dream come true.  Our Love story reads like the stuff movies are made of. You can read about most of it on my old blog, but here’s the short version. 16 years ago, when I was a mere 14, I met an incredible guy.  Older, smart, charming, and 100% out of my league for MANY reasons.  He left my life, but never my heart. December 19th, 2009, I married that incredible guy, and he has changed my life in more ways than he will ever know.


We are blessed with 3 incredible kids, but there’s a place in our hearts that are aching for the chance to do this again, to have OUR babies. Together. We’ve talked, we’ve hoped, we’ve prayed, and all the answers are the same. There are 2 incredible babies waiting to join our family, and a whole lot of love waiting to be given to them. In September of this year, we’ll start the process of adding to our family

The Bern. and Harley.
Bernie, my 110lbs lap dog.  Bernese Mountain Dogs were originally bred to live in places like the Swiss Alps, NOT hot places like Nashville.  He may be in for a buzz cut.

Harley is our miniature Schnauzer Beagle mix. 5 months old and full of spunk, he bosses his big brother around like there’s no tomorrow.


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