Hello world!

7 06 2010

Welcome to my new home!!! I hope you’ll stay a while! 

I’m making the switch from Blogger to WordPress, and hopefully a lot of you came with me. The old blog’s still there, for those of you who are new, if you’re bored watching summer reruns, feel free to check it out. 

My family and I are about to start on the adventure of a life time, and I’d hate for you to miss a moment of it. New chapter, new blog.  I LOVED the old blog, and it served as a great venting place when Shel (McHubby) and I were apart.  But now that we’re together, and have so many new chapters happening, it just seems like the right time.

We’re 19 days away from leaving Virginia and moving to Nashville, TN.  We’re 3 months away from starting to add to our family.  There’s baby news and excitement to be had, there’s inspiration to be found in a remarkable city, and there’s hopefully some laughs to share along the way.

So thanks for following along, hope you enjoy the ride.