Packing makes me dizzy!!

8 06 2010

Holy long day, Batman!!

Spent the morning trying to convince myself that packing up the house was FAR more important than watching the Law and Order SVU marathon. 

If only I’d done better in debate class. 

Instead, I can say that I officially have 1 – ONE-UNO- room completely packed. Thats good right?  sealing that last box from the home office made me feel good!!

Until I stopped and realized that it’s 1 room out of 11 off my list. 

Was planning to get some more done tonight, but Shel is getting hit by some weirdo cold. And we all know I’d much rather baby my husband then pack.

PLUS he promised to make me PANCAKES!!!

Pancakes, sick adorable husband, early bedtime for H.D due to some attitude.. issues, and the season finale of Glee… what more could I ask for??