The Work I Love

I work for an incredible organization.

The Salvation Army is working  in 121 countries and counting.  Acts of kindness ripple around the world as the works of this organization change lives.  Offering support to an abused mother and child.  Shelter to a homeless person.  A hot meal to the working poor. Second chances to those facing addiction. Relief in times of disaster.

If there is a troubling circumstance you can imagine, the Salvation Army will be there, sometimes even before the call is made.

My husband and I are privileged to work for The Salvation Army. We are about to assume command of the Nashville ARC (Adult Rehabilitation Center) and are excited for the challenges and opportunities that await us there.

This isn’t our first contact with the Salvation Army.  For 12 years, my husband was an officer (pastor) with the Salvation Army in Canada and the UK. For 8 years, I worked at a Woman’s shelter starting as a front line worker, answering phones and doing intakes, and moving up to be the Program Coordinator.

My parents, Shel’s parents, they’re all Salvation Army officers.  We’ve grown up in this organization, and are excited to be giving back to such a worth cause that gives to so many others.


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